Document Types

Patents and patent litigation

Our translators are experienced in patent translation, and understand the care and attention to detail that need to be taken for translations of patent texts to ensure that they are precise and correspond exactly to the original. For every translation, the subject-matter is researched thoroughly to ensure that the translator uses the appropriate terminology and phraseology for the field.


We translate patent specifications, claims and abstracts, and adapt any accompanying figures or cover pages as required. Our translators have specialisations in a wide variety of technical fields, including:

  • chemistry and pharmaceuticals,

  • mechanical and automotive engineering,

  • optics and x-ray technology,

  • dental restorations,

  • genetics,

  • telecommunications and IT.


We also have extensive in-house experience in the translation of patent opposition documents, including opposition letters and responses, prior art, examiner reports and decisions given by national patent offices and the EPO. Our translators are careful to convey the meaning of the original document precisely and thoroughly, and will point out any linguistic ambiguities or culture-specific items from the original that might otherwise cause confusion in translation.


Trade marks

Another of our specialist fields is the translation of trade mark certificates and letters relating to trade mark disputes. Our translators research the trade mark and the background to the case to ensure that the meaning of the text for translation is carried across accurately and clearly.


Other text types

We translate a wide variety of other documents, including

  • commercial register extracts

  • technical articles from text books and journals

  • other legal texts.




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