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Priory turns out for Eddie Izzard

June 14, 2016


Priory's in-house team turned out in force last night for Eddie Izzard's multilingual show "Force Majeure" at the Colchester Arts Centre.  Eddie presented the same 40-minute show three times in one evening - in German, French and English.  Keen colleagues attended both the German and French sets, in the interests of comparison.  Demand for the English version was so great that the Arts Centre ran a ballot for entry; the French was a sellout, while some spaces were available for the German, neatly reflecting knowledge of these languages in the Colchester area.


Eddie's zany stream-of-consciousness style belies his top-level skills in his craft: mime, gesture, facial expression, movement and pitch-perfect timing.  His foreign-language persona masterfully conveyed the content while still comically demonstrating his status as an outsider.  The storylines were tenuous, rather weakly supporting a series of comic situations expressed with plenty of swear words and "double entendre".


The show cracked along at a terrific pace, closing with a gag about equestrian dressage and burglary (don't ask) and an impassioned plea to vote "Bremain" in the coming referendum on membership of the European Union.  As a one-man European Union in himself, Eddie was in a good position to urge this course of action.

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