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IP Translation Services

Translation of documents is an important part of the IP process. The international nature of the intellectual property market means that at every stage in the process, from researching prior art to defending opposition cases, translations may be required to keep the process moving forward.

For the last 20 years, we have been working with patent attorneys and experts in Europe and the UK, translating patents, trademarks, litigation documents and other key texts to help you protect your IP internationally.

Our in-house team of translators covers English, German and French, the main European languages of patent filing, plus a range of other languages, including Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

We also offer figure adaptation, comparison translation services and translation certification. 

European patents shall be granted for any inventions, in all fields of technology, provided that they are new, involve an inventive step and are susceptible of industrial application.
Article 52, The European Patent Convention


Our translators are experienced in translating patents, and understand the care and attention to detail needed to ensure that a patent translation corresponds exactly to the original. For every translation, the subject-matter is researched thoroughly to ensure that the translator uses the terminology and phraseology appropriate to the field. For more information about how we produce our translations, see our translation process page.

Patent disputes and litigation



We have extensive in-house experience in translating documentation involved in patent disputes at national courts and patent offices and the European Patent Office, including opposition letters and responses, complaints, minutes of oral proceedings, appeal documents, examination reports, decisions and written opinions. Our translators make sure that they understand the legal background underlying the document for translation, and consult primary and secondary sources to ensure consistency of terminology and phraseology across different documents in a case.

Trade marks



Another of our specialist fields is the translation of trade mark certificates and letters relating to trade mark disputes. Our translators research the trade mark and the background to the case to ensure that the meaning of the text for translation is carried across accurately and clearly in the translation.

Supporting documents



We translate a wide variety of other documents, including

  • commercial register extracts

  • technical articles from text books and journals

  • other legal texts.

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