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What sorts of documents do you translate?

We primarily translate documents relating to intellectual property, such as patents, patent opposition documents and reports, prior art (such as text book excerpts and journal articles), trade mark certificates and evidence relating to trade mark disputes. We also frequently translate extracts from commercial registers and have expertise in a variety of legal and business-related fields. Please see our specialisations page for more information.

What languages do you translate?

Our in-house colleagues translate from French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish and Swedish into English. Through our wide network of experienced and specialised freelance translators, we translate a much wider variety of language pairs, including English into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese; Japanese, Arabic and Korean into English (and vice versa); and many more!

How do you ensure that your translations are of a high quality?

Documents are translated by a specialised translator, who will carry out research in the field to ensure that terminology and phraseology is accurate. We then have a two-stage checking procedure, usually followed by an additional quality control measure, to ensure consistency and accuracy to the highest degree. Please see our Translation Process for more details.

How much will it cost?

The cost will depend on your specific requirements, so the best thing to do is to send us your document by e-mail and specify your requirements. We will then prepare a detailed, no-obligation quote free of charge.

I need a translation urgently - how quickly can you complete it?

We always try as hard as we can to meet any suggested deadline, but we will not commit to a job if we would not be able to complete the translation to a high standard in the time available. If you send us your document and let us know when you would need the translation by, we will reply as soon as possible during working hours to let you know if we are able to complete the translation by your required deadline. We understand that with urgent translations you need to know very quickly whether the translation will be possible, and so we will not delay in replying either way.

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